The purpose at MusiShare is to provide students and teachers with a vehicle which allows them to receive the highest quality of violin instruction or to join in pedagogy classes through the use of contemporary technology. These lessons and Classes, which are given at at MusiShare in Costa Mesa CA, are taught by Professor William Fitzpatrick (Temianka Professor of Violin at the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music at Chapman University and Artistic Director of the MusiShare Young Artist Program).

If you are not from the SoCal area and would like to have lessons you should consider doing so online. To begin the MusiShare Online lesson process, a free 30-minute trial lesson will be given by Prof. Fitzpatrick to determine whether or not lessons would be agreeable to both parties. After lessons are agreed upon you will be directed to MusiShare’s Square account where you will be able to purchase one or more 60 minute lessons. It is at this point that you will be given access to the MS Library which includes Fingerings (Concertos, Sonatas, etc.), Etudes, Scales, Information, theory videos, etc., all of which can be viewed and downloaded. As well all MusiShare Online lessons are recorded and then uploaded to MusiShare on Vimeo. You will receive an email contains the private link to view and download your lesson’s video.