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here are a few comments that have been made about Prof. Fitzpatrick’s Videos …

Carlos Santiago wrote about the video “How much pressure to use on the violin with your left hand?”:
Prof. Fitzpatrick. Thank You so much for your lesson. My Left hand feels so liberated. Too much pressure can turn into squeezing. I always though you had to “Press” the string down, to the 1st floor! In 7:00 minutes I’ve leveled up my playing! Wish you were here in Philadelphia. I would love a lesson! Will you ever do a video about your experiences with Ms. Delay

Jim Minor wrote about the video “Just Me and My Vibrato” :
Thanks a Lot! Excellent explanation, Im a violin teacher, this technique really helped me understand another view
and perspective for my students! Great!

Christopher Boseak wrote about the video “Just Me and My Vibrato”:
This is one of the most helpful videos on YouTube. You actually have drills that are helpful!

Melissa Cyders wrote about the video “Should you or shouldn’t you use a shoulder rest”:
A gifted teacher! I find his pointers really elucidate elements that my teacher never showed me
in all the years in which I have been studying.

MadBad Trad wrote about the video “Exploring the Left Hand Wrist Set-Up”:
Prof. Fitzpatrick, this video is just superb! Thank you! Love that story – synchronicity indeed 🙂 It seems to me that that finger angle provides much better intonation – in part, I suppose, because it engages the more padded/fleshy part of the finger?