Now in its 18th year, MusiShare provides violin teachers and violin students the ability to receive online violin instruction through videos and video conferencing technologies. The idea to develop materials for online violin instruction began while living in France where William Fitzpatrick gave violin lessons and performed with “L’Ensemble Des Deux Mondes” from 1983 to 1998. His fascination with computer applications that could advance online violin study led him to create MusiShare, when he moved back to the US, in 2000. Subsequently engaged to create a music program for the K-6 Morasha School in Southern California, MusiShare began creating videos, books and an online assessment tool to bring to these students a rich onsite and online course of music. Prof. Fitzpatrick, Founder of MusiShare and the Artistic Director of the MusiShare Young Artist Program, is the Temianka Professor of Violin at the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music located on the campus of Chapman University in Orange CA.

Here is Prof. Fitzpatrick’s latest video created for VirtualSheetMusic.
He has created over 54 videos for VSM and had over 260,000 views since November 2013,

Jim Minor wrote about  “Just Me and My Vibrato” :
Thanks a Lot! Excellent explanation, Im a violin teacher, this technique really helped me understand another view
and perspective for my students! Great!

Christopher Boseak wrote about “Just Me and My Vibrato”:
This is one of the most helpful videos on YouTube. You actually have drills that are helpful!

Melissa Cyders wrote about “Should you or shouldn’t you use a shoulder rest”:
A gifted teacher! I find his pointers really elucidate elements that my teacher never showed me in all the years
in which I have been studying.

MadBad Trad wrote about “Exploring the Left Hand Wrist Set-Up”:
Prof. Fitzpatrick, this video is just superb! Thank you! Love that story – synchronicity indeed 🙂 It seems to me that that finger angle provides much better intonation – in part, I suppose, because it engages the more padded/fleshy part of the finger?


On May 15th MusiShare will begin the subscription series “Connections”
created by Prof. Fitzpatrick!