“Connections” is a subscription site,
starting May 15th access will be available for $15 per month.

The subscription will start with the following videos…

0.1-The Learning Process
0.2-3 Octave Scales
0.3-General Rules

After that at least one video from the following list
will be released every 30 days …

On the Left Hand (LH)
1.0-LH Approach and Release
1.1-LH Touch
1.2-LH Skills
1.3-LH Exploring Intonation options

On the Right Hand (RH)
2.0-RH Touch
2.1- RH Bow strokes
2.2-RH Figure 8
2.3-RH Off the string strokes
2.4-RH: Visualizing Bow Distribution

On Co-Ordination
3.0-Coordination: Connecting finger & bow in general
3.1-Coordination: Separate notes
3.2-Coordination: Slurred passages
3.3-Coordination: Off the string strokes