What about the set-up?
– First of all MusiShare Online uses appear.in or FACEmeeting (Not Skype or FaceTime)!

– Many newer computers and laptops have built in cameras and microphones that are perfectly acceptable, otherwise, a webcam/mic can run as little as $20, and upwards from there. I have a MacBook laptop I use on tour and an iMac I use at home. With the latter, I use the built-in camera and an external Yeti USB mic.

– You will of course need internet. A high quality broadband connection is best for MusiShare Online.

Can you really correct a student when you’re not there in person?
– Since I can’t move around the student to look for problems, I may ask a student to reposition his/her body from time to time so that I can see the positioning in question. Though at first this might break the flow of the lesson, in my experience, students quickly get used to having to move and turn occasionally and instruction becomes seamless, just like in-person.

How does it work with payment in currencies other than US dollars?
– When I invoice students through Square it will be in US Dollars. Square will convert foreign currencies to USD automatically.

Can MSonline lessons work for young children?
– MusiShare Online lessons are not ideal for young students and beginners under age 16.

What support do we offer MusiShare Online students outside of the lessons?
– All MusiShare Online students receive access to the MusiShare Dropbox which includes Fingerings (Concertos, Sonatas, etc.), Etudes, Scales, Information, theory videos, etc., all of which can be downloaded free of charge.

Who is the typical MusiShare Online violin student?
In my experience, the typical MusiShare Online student falls in to one or more of these categories:
– Students that live outside the US (i.e. in South Korea, France, etc.)
– Students that want the option of a teacher other than local choices, either for a new take, a second opinion, or as the primary teacher
– Students that want to explore a different and/or specialized approach
– Students that have studied etudes above Kayser, preferably Dont op.37 and at least Mozart concerto no.3

Where do we start?
– Please click on the button and fill out the MSonline form to begin the MusiShare Online process. We will then set up a complimentary 30-minute trial consultation to meet and determine whether lessons would appropriate for you.