Here is what you need to prepare for MusiShare

Software: For MusiShare Online, you will be invited to join a meeting online. You will need no additional software.

Browser/Mobile App: Only Google Chrome browsers can be used with MusiShare Online.
An app is available for all mobile users.

Speed: Check your internet speed at  (Ideally, your download speed should be a minimum of 5 mbps). Upload speed is even more crucial and usually where people run into problems: shoot for a minimum of 1 mbps upload.

Webcam:  If your computer does not have a microphone it is highly recommended to uses video cam such as a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920.

Headphones: As it can be a challenge to use headphones while playing the violin please note that they are not required for MusiShare Online lessons.

Applying for MusiShare: Please click on the button to begin the application process …